Joris Kleverlaan

Joris Kleverlaan

Teacher Creative Business
I have been a lecturer at the HU for 6 years now. It is a true passion of mine to support and enable others to pursue their aspirations. I am lucky to say that at the HU I have found mine!


With a Master’s diploma in International Relations, Mr. Kleverlaan has had a professional lifetime in the international arena. Started out in the international development area, with a clear and conscious focus on Latin America, later on with a focus more on the media and communication field: how do people in Europe perceive the ‘other’? What mechanisms are at play when we discuss ‘us’ and ‘them’? Why are some richer than others, or better able to follow their dreams? Working at the international program at the HU brings those topics together. The never-ending hunger for knowledge and progress leaves me wondering if I will do a PhD program next. Seeing life as a window of opportunity creates nothing but exciting new adventures.

One of these adventures led to the founding of the August Willemsen Foundation. A foundation that aims to promote the Portuguese language and culture, especially from Brazil, in the Netherlands. It brings together a love for language, an international outlook and cultural exchange.

A few classes Joris has taught over the years and that left a mark on him (and hopefully on the students) are The Future Workplace, Framing in the Media, and also courses in the realm of what makes a student a professional. How do we perceive ourselves? Can we learn, and if yes how, from our mistakes? Important lessons for all of us to take with us in our professional journey. Having said that, it can also apply in the personal realms of life. In that respect, we do not just work on one part of the individual, but rather on his/her wholeness.

Fields of expertise

  • The Future Workplace
  • Professional Identity
  • Framing in the Media

Research themes

My main subject is Latin America, and Brazil in particular. Themes as poverty, inequality, democracy, and cultural exchange have my special interest.

Project title August Willemsen Foundation
Keywords Portuguese, Brazil, Dutch, translation, literature, culture, exchange
Years of completion 5
General project description Through founding the August Willemsen Foundation we want to highlight the lack of opportunity to study Portuguese in the Netherlands. Through organizing events, lobbying, and networking, we try to raise awareness for this matter.
Your Role in project Founder, director


  • Qualification to teach in Higher Education, 2021
  • IELTS Academic English, level C2, 2018
  • Bachelor Political Science, Master in International Relations, 1998