Lorena María Larios Hernández

Teacher International Business
She is an enthusiastic educator specializing in adult and young adult instruction, with a background in business, international education and curriculum design. Her passion comes from students’ growth and applying innovative customized learning and teaching methodologies in various educational contexts.


After her studies in Business Administration with ESADE Business School and International Management (Master) with The Community of European Management Schools, she gained experience as a financial auditor and risk control adviser for two of the big four auditing companies (EY, Spain & PwC, Nicaragua). During that time, she became a member of the Institute of Internal Auditors. After several years, she shifted her career towards Higher education. First, as a Finance lecturer; later, as Program coordinator for Business Economics and Finance and Accounting (Nicaragua). There, she was responsible for the overall quality of the Curriculum and students’ learning experience, the modernization of syllabi and organizational improvements for the business administration, Finance and accounting and Business economics programs. She was also a researcher for the Latin American Educational Think Tank Gucal XXI (University group for quality in Higher education).

Following a hiatus during the birth of her son, she resumed her career as organizational processes  consultant (Indonesia- United States) and updated her teaching skills to the latest by completing graduate studies on Curriculum design  (Chile) and International education (Spain) and teaching foreign languages using hybrid formats and content-driven methods, included differentiated instruction and student assessments.

Lorena joined the Institute of International Business Studies at the HU University of Applied Sciences in August of 2021. In her role as educational expert, she’s working in a variety of issues aimed at ensuring the quality of the  IIBS curriculum and didactical profile which include: promoting evidence-based continuous improvement tasks, and collaborating on internal projects on curriculum review, educational vision alignment and assistance to lecturers in their teaching practice improvement.

Fields of expertise

  • Curriculum Design
  • International Education to young adults and adults
  • Blended learning/ Hybrid learning teaching strategies
  • Content and language integrated learning- CLIL
  • Financial Auditing, Accounting and internal control

Research themes

Project title Formalization of the process of development and approval of competence-based planning and teaching.
Keywords Competence based learning, syllabi, formalization, curriculum, curriculum development, standardization
Year(s) of completion 2011-2012
Location Managua (Nicaragua)
General project description

This project was aimed at Improving the quality of syllabi, understood as a key work tools for lesson planning.

For that purpose, it was necessary to create a system to standardize, collect, review, update and validate the syllabi after migrating from a learning objectives model to competence based model.

A methodology for creating and validating Syllabi under the new competence based model was designed and applied to the entirety of courses served by the Faculty of Economics and Business sciences through standardization of the process and tools used to conduct the reviews in order to develop scales economies and time savings.

The tools and methodology that were developed were later rolled out to other faculties.

Role in project Project leader

Other recent projects

Project title Improvement of financial management systems
Keywords management systems, protocol drafting, improvements, organizational processes, non-profit organization
Year(s) of completion 2017-2018
Location Jakarta (Indonesia)- Washington (USA)
General project description

This project was aimed at developing improved financial management systems for a US funded Indonesian Non-profit organization specialized in at-risk youth capacity building.

For that purpose, the project consisted in assessing processes and practices, working with key personnel to draft and finalize new and improved policies and procedures relating to key administrative processes, and train staff members to adopt them.

Your Role in project Consultant (project leader)


  • Diploma in curriculum design and innovation-Universidad Andrés Bello, Chile- 2020
  • Expert in International Education-Universidad Camilo José Cela, Spain- 2018
  • Master in Business Administration-ESADE Business School, Spain- 2008
  • Master in International Management-Community of European Management Schools, Sweden- 2006
  • Bachelor in Business Administration-Universidad Ramon Llull, Spain-2005
Educational Certificates
  • International Baccalaureate certificate in teaching and learning (Diploma Program)- International Baccalaureate Organization-2018
  • Certificate in Blended Education- New Teacher Center-Silicon School funds-Clayton Christensen Institute-2017
  • Emerging trends & technologies in the virtual k-12 classroom-University of California, Irvine-2017
  • Certificate in Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills- University of Melbourne-2017
  • Certificate in incorporation of distance education in higher education- Interamerican Organization for Higher Education-Colegio de las Américas-2012
  • Educational coaching towards improving quality in Education- University Group for Quality in Latin America-GUCAL-2011
  • Quality in higher education certificate-University Group for Quality in Latin America-2011