lucia gomez

Lucía Gómez

Teacher Creative Business

Lucía Gómez is a Lecturer at the HU Creative Business programme. Her main teaching areas and interests cover cultural participation, media and popular culture, and cultural management.


Lucia started as a philosopher in the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú. Her former interest was mostly related to the art, ethics & aesthetics area of the field. As Philosophy does not have delimited boundaries, she decided to take one step further into the practical field and look at different perspectives to combine this theoretical background with her fascination for popular culture. Therefore, she decided to broaden her horizons and start a Master programme in Arts & Culture at Utrecht University.

After obtaining the MA degree with a thesis on metal music, she came back to Peru and continued pursuing the practical side of art and culture. She enrolled in a Cultural Management program in the Museo de Arte de Lima, gathering more valuable knowledge about Creative Industries, Marketing & Communication, Strategic Management, Funding, Branding, UX, Cultural Legislation, Design Thinking, and so on. During this time, she also had the opportunity to be a lecturer at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, adapting her experience and knowledge to first year students, while also volunteering at the Ministry of Culture of Peru in the areas of Knowledge Management and Music.

Her first opportunity to translate this knowledge into practice occurred with the Spirit of Metal project, based on the academic view of the Peruvian metal scene, both covering its history and relevant discussions about professionalization and mass media. Since then, she keeps developing a fond for academic research on popular culture and its business-wise perception and application. This includes several presentations on international conferences about popular music research and cultural management as well as articles published around the same topics.

Lucia’s interests keep increasing alongside the different courses she currently teaches at the HU, focusing primarily on media and content creation, new technologies, creative and participatory cultures, and research methodology.

Fields of expertise

  • Interactive Experiences
  • Creative Lab
  • AI & Creativity
  • Influencing your Audiences

Research themes


Project title  Espíritu del Metal (Spirit of Metal)
Keywords Popular music, metal music studies, Peruvian music, cultural identity
Year(s) of completion 2020
General project description "Spirit of Metal" was an exhibition that presented the historical-musical development of national countercultural movements derived from metal music through different audiovisual tools focusing on an academic content. It includes the description, history and critical analysis of the 40 years of development of the musical styles normally understood under the term 'metal' and the relationship of these against various national models for the construction of identity.
Role in project Cultural manager, Co-founder
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Other recent projects


Gómez Garay, L. (2021). La Importancia de la Formación e Investigación en el área de la Cultura: Una Mirada desde la Gestión Cultural (The importance of training and research in the cultural area: a perspective from cultural management). In Municipalidad de Lima (Ed.), Una Mirada a la Investigación y a la Responsabilidad Social (pp. 271-277). Municipalidad de Lima.

Gómez Garay, L. (November, 2021). El mediascape en la escena metalera de Lima. El concepto de escena y los flujos culturales globales. Disonancias del Metal, 1(2), 16-17. ISSN 2953-3305.


  • IELTS Academic English, score 8, IELTS. 2022
  • Music Marketing, Instituto de Gestión Cultural y Artística, Spain. 2020
  • Cultural Management, MALI (Museo de Arte de Lima), Peru. 2020
  • Master Degree in Arts & Culture, Utrecht University, the Netherlands. 2018
  • Bachelor Degree in Philosophy, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru, Peru. 2017