peter romgens

Peter Romgens

Teacher Creative Business

Peter is a behaviour expert, with a particular fascination for both criminal behaviour and helping other people develop their full potential (not so much for the criminals of course). Her loves being a teacher/lecturer, because it allows him to pass on his passion and knowledge about (neurological, cognitive and legal) psychology and research, but also about how to create the optimal conditions for learning/developing in general. When Peter gets to help people see their real potential and get past their perceived limitations, he knows he is doing something valuable.


Peter has a bachelor’s degree in psychology & neuroscience, along with a master’s degree in legal psychology (i.e. interrogations, deception, memory functioning, etc.).

After graduating from Maastricht University, he played around with entrepreneurship (mostly in the direction of coaching) and recruitment for a while, before quickly being pulled back into academic life for teaching positions, which he has been very happily involved in for over a decade now.

As a teacher, he coordinates and teaches courses regarding topics related to both psychology and research methodology. During his time in Maastricht, this also gave him oversight over around 40 different research projects each year, along with a seat on an ethical committee, helping others improve their research designs and analyses, all resulting in a yearly research conference where they could all proudly present their achievements.

Now, he continuously looks for the best ways to apply what he’s learned for the HU, in order to create the best learning environment and best material for our Creative Business students.

Fields of expertise

  • Behavioural analysis & change management
  • Research design & data analysis
  • Stress-related & motivational coaching
  • Problem-solving
  • Unlocking potential

Research themes

During his bachelor’s degree, he wrote his thesis on using behavioural indicators to detect deception, whereas for his master’s degree, he decided to focus more on verbal cues and written material to determine the veracity of statements. Later on, he supervised research projects in these same areas, but also on topics such as stress, motivation and education.


  • Teaching qualification (BKO), awarded in 2018 at Maastricht University
  • Master’s degree in Legal Psychology, graduated in 2014 from Maastricht University
  • Bachelor’s degree in Psychology & Neuroscience, graduated in 2011 from Maastricht University