violet cui

Violet Cui

Teacher Creative Business

Humanity, society, and creativity, these are the things that intrigue Violet’s curiosity. For the past decade, curiosity has led Violet to explore media and culture in the fields of academia and industry. 


Violet is a media professional in both academia and the media industry. After working in the media field for almost 8 years, Violet started her academic journey. She completed two masters at Erasmus University Rotterdam. In her first master, Media and Business, Violet focused on CSR communication studies. Afterwards, Violet pursued further studies in the field of cultural sociology, where she researched the Chinese consumer trust mechanism in livestreaming shopping. 

However, Violet’s passion for research began when she started working in the journalism and media field in China. Violet spent 6 years working in TV journalism in China, where she honed her skills in researching, investigating, writing, framing and storytelling on a range of topics. Afterwards, Violet made a move to public relations. As the PR manager for an international company, Violet's experience in journalism gave her a unique perspective on media relations, crisis management, and the importance of storytelling in building brand reputation.

Right now, Violet is sharing her academic knowledge and professional experiences at HU in the Creative Business courses that include: Media Culture, Framing in the Media, Research Design, Research Analysis, among others. 

Fields of expertise

  • Media Studies
  • Cultural analysis
  • Research design and analysis
  • Branding strategy & crisis management


  • Research Master (MSc): Sociology of Media, Culture, and the Art. Erasmus University Rotterdam (2021)
  • Master (MA): Media and Business. Erasmus University Rotterdam (2020)
  • BA: Journalism and Media Studies. Shenzhen University, China