Yilun Zhang

Yilun Zhang

Teacher Creative Business

Yilun was born and raised in China. She pursued her literature-and-culture focused academic studies in Shanghai, New York, and Amsterdam.


As a curious, creative media-and-culture practitioner who breathes multicultural environments across the digital landscape, she has gained extensive professional experiences in influencer marketing, social media strategy, and business development. Devoted to learning and sharing, she is now working as a Creative Business lecturer at Hogeschool Utrecht and a Career Coach at Hoitalent.

Yilun is living a feminist life and she loves to involve herself in cultural and social activities online and offline. She is a member of Libertatis Digest Helan, a civil society organization mandated to catalyst civic discussions and debate on political and social issues among Chinese in the Netherlands. She is also a film journalist covering international film festivals and entertainment industry news. You can find her work as a reporter and translator on her Wechat Public Account @theroadless.

Fields of expertise

  • Digital China
  • Media Culture
  • International Creative Business
  • Professional Development
  • Introduction to Creative Business
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Marketing Principles