The research group wants to contribute to strengthening the professional group  among education professionals on a broad scale. Our research focuses on how education professionals can help (further) develop the professional group, their educational organizations and themselves given the current societal needs.


The research group will collaborate with teacher education programmes, HR, and Higher Vocational Education teachers, and will work on the focus point Education at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. Our research is a collaboration between education professionals (teachers, managers, supporting roles), researchers and students, and is carried out on the basis of questions from the field.



The research group works on HU focus point Education and will collaborate with various educational programmes, Teaching & Learning Network, HR and Centre of Expertise Talent & Skill, as well as regional, national and international partners in education and research.

Our professors and researchers

Patricia Brouwer

Researcher Vocational Education, Working in Education Show profile
Researcher Mare de Groot

Mare de Groot

Researcher Working in Education Show profile
Angela de Jong

Angela de Jong

Lecturer-researcher Working in Education Show profile
''Lector Mieke Koeslag - Kreunen Lectoraat Werken in Onderwijs"

Mieke Koeslag-Kreunen

Researcher Working in Education Show profile