We guard the safe space in our HU community

Virtually everything that happens in society, we also experience together in our HU community of students, lecturers, researchers and staff. Be it euphoric or dramatic events. We feel the effects of wars, natural disasters, radicalization, activism, social and cultural tensions and far-reaching transitions. ‘Impact your future' is our daily reality.


We sympathize with the victims of natural disasters, wars, oppression and terror and with people who feel affected by them. We fight inequality and make efforts to ensure diversity and inclusion in our HU. We guard our HU community where everyone can feel at home, regardless of social and cultural background, political beliefs, religion, sexual orientation, gender or disability. We contribute with our education and research to the challenging transitions in our society.

Specifically, our cultural diversity means that different perspectives, experiences and beliefs coexist. And this broad, rich diversity is precious and vulnerable. Our HU community is a free space where everyone can feel safe and express themselves safely. It is inevitable that we sometimes step on each other's toes, that one person's opinion or conviction can be hurtful to another, that visions are diametrically opposed. Inevitable and therefore precisely safe: you can and do differ, discuss and debate in the HU community. Within the limits of the law, respect and decency, without consequences.

As the Executive Board, we see it as our mission to guard and protect, nurture and encourage this safe space. For our HU community to also to be a safe place for difficult conversations, difficult confrontations and divergent beliefs. If we disagree with each other, we can continue to seek common ground in each other's views.Therein lies the core of our appeal to everyone: remember that behind every point of view, opinion, vision and conviction is a human being. Somebody with dreams and ambitions, with talents and skills, with humour and character. Enter into the conversation, with each other, with us, when prejudice threatens to prevail. Talking and asking, listening and sharing brings us together. 

Together, we form the bridge when a rift threatens. We are proud that this is also possible in the HU, that we build dialogue together on a foundation of good intentions and mutual respect. This safe space is sacred. Together we will continue to nurture and guard it, and we call on our students, faculty and staff to actively contribute to it.

Executive Board

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