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We are Creative Business students from HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht and we love to share our personal experience with you. Please feel free to contact us by mail and ask us anything you like to know about the study programme, the university or the city of Utrecht!

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"I like this study programme because it covers a wide range of courses to prepare you for the working field. I also like how the assignments are in very diverse range of formats, from pitches to videos to podcasts. It's an innovative and fun way to learn!"

Siannie Quartero The Netherlands
Jenya Veriasova, Creative business

"I like this study programme because it gives hands-on experience and provides basics of several spheres including marketing, media and business, under a creative approach. Moreover, this study is international, so we have an opportunity to meet people from various countries across the world."

Jenya Veriasova Ukraine
Onne van Rossen, student ambassador Creative Business

"I like this study programme because it offers great courses that inspire me to start my own business, but also in general to think out of the box and be creative in the way to solve problems."

Onne van Rossem The Netherlands
Imme van Oudheusden

"This study programme combines a lot of different subjects, it focuses not only on subjects such as media and marketing but also on bracing students for the future of creative industries. "

Imme van Oudheusden Netherlands

"I chose this study program because I don’t know exactly what I want to do in the future yet, but CB has such a broad offer of subjects, which help me to identify myself in the professional field and the direction in which I want to go later on. "

Michelle Traurig Germany and Russia
Aziza Lichtner

" This study programme gives an insight to many different professional fields and you learn many useful skills."

Aziza Lichtner Germany
Kimberley Gonesh

"I like this study programme because it allows you to explore beyond your horizons. I have grown professionally, because I learned a lot of new things. "

Kimberley Gonesh Suriname
Lorenza Scala

" Be open, discover, find activities related to your interests because there is so much you can do!"

Lorenza Scala Italy
Miruna Tit

"Creative Business is more than your usual study programme, it's truly an experience. From the real life cases assignments we work on, all the way to the international teachers and students. "

Miruna Tit Romania
Le Ho Thien Minh Molly

"I like this study programme because the knowledge is very practical and comprehensive, it covers almost all fields from creativity and humanities to business. "

Le Ho Thien Minh (Molly) VIetnam
Yonca-Rabea Kaya (Creative Business)

"Say YES. Make use of every opportunity to get to know people, the city and your surroundings."

Yonca-Rabea Kaya Germany

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