New master programme Data Driven Design

Last September, HU has started with a new international master programme. The Data Driven Design programme is for students who want to know how to combine domain knowledge with creativity, digital skills and analytical capabilities. And want to act upon these competences to design concepts, products and services that are capable to thrive in a continually changing international digital society. This means students will work and learn in multidisciplinary teams, both in expertise/professional background as cultural background.

The one year-long programme is divided into four ten-week blocks, during which you follow courses from each learning track - Concepts, Technology and Human. The curriculum is largely based on real companies' demands and problems. This means you will have plenty of opportunity to work with real businesses on solutions for their problems, using their actual data.

Completion of the programme is rewarded with the title Master of Arts in Data Driven Design. This degree opens the door to an exciting international career.

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