The CareTechLab presents new developments and research results at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht in the field of care innovation. It serves as a demonstration and documentation space for the degree programmes and research centres of the HU.

Everyone is welcome to pay a visit to the CareTechLab: to see and experience innovations and research results first-hand – or to put them to the test. The Lab is also used by students and lecturers to perform research.


You can find a range of innovations at the CareTechLab, including:

  • A durable, innovative solution for helping bedridden patients to go to the toilet;
  • The Zora care robot, which can be used in eldercare and in the classroom;
  • Interactive Modular Tiles, an accessible and fun means to get people up and moving;
  • Dynamic lighting, which can affect people’s mood through different hues and brightness levels;
  • An interactive table that shows the floor plans of various customised homes that enable clients to live independently for a longer period;
  • Information about current and completed projects and PhD research performed at various research groups.

Visiting address

Heidelberglaan 7, 3584 CS, Utrecht



Would you like to collaborate or do you have any questions?

Chantal Huisman | Researcher | Technology for healthcare innovations

Chantal Huisman

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Technology for Healthcare Innovations