The research group studies how professionals can design meaningful digital innovations, taking into account the needs and values of all parties involved and how professionals can develop the necessary digital and ethical skills.

Lines of research within the research group

Technological developments offer many new possibilities. Digital innovations however are not neutral as they are designed to be used. It is of great importance that professionals are aware of this while working on innovations. This line of research focuses on specifying the problem and designing a solution while constantly taking human values into consideration.

After designing the digital innovation, it is configured and implemented in a certain context. This line of research focuses on how field professionals can implement and utilize the innovation and how this effects the work environment. Here, the use context is key.



Digital Ethics contributes to digital innovation for educational purposes and the development of digital and ethical awareness of (upcoming) professionals. We are involved in the Digital Twins Lab and have strong ties with the Institutes for ICT, Engineering & Design, Media and Archimedes.

Example of a technological development Marlies van Steenbergen

“Digital services should not only be meaningful in the sense of being directly valuable to an organisation or customer, but also meaningful in an ethical sense. Ethical policy must therefore be an integral part of the organisational design.”

Marlies van Steenbergen Professor of Digital Ethics


Organizations are looking for ways to responsibly leverage digitalization. Domain expertise and knowledge of ethics and IT are brought together. The research group works on assignments and projects covering this; it performs research with partners; sometimes with (co) financing.

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Our professors and researchers

Marlies van Steenbergen | Professor | Research group Digital Smart Services

Marlies van Steenbergen

Professor Digital Ethics Show profile
Johan Versendaal | Professor | Research group Digital Smart Services

Johan Versendaal

Professor Digital Ethics Show profile
Matthijs Berkhout | Researcher | Research group Digital Smart Services

Matthijs Berkhout

Researcher Digital Ethics Show profile
Theo van den Bogaart | Researcher | Research groups Digital Smart Services and Mathematics Education

Theo van den Bogaart

Researcher Digital Ethics, Mathematical and analytical competences of professionals Show profile

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