Biodigesting of organic waste and bioplastics

Researchers of lectorate Innovative Testing in Life Sciences & Chemistry investigate how bioplastics can be digested in a biodigester for consumers in sustainable city.


How can bioplastics be digested in a biodigester?


Bioplastics can be digested easily en fast in a biodigester.


01 January 2021 - 30 June 2022


The research is performed with multidisciplinary teams in collaboration with USP-innovatielab Life Sciences and Chemistry and the startup Circ, who develops self-learning biodigesters.


  • Raymond Pieters | Professor | Research group Innovative Testing in Life Sciences & Chemistry
    Raymond Pieters
    • Professor
    • researchcomponents.publicationcontent.authorlectoratelabelsingle: Innovative Testing in Life Sciences and Chemistry

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