Double talents in higher education

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More than 10% of medical, social work and nursing students have experiences of chronic physical illness or mental suffering. How can we use the knowledge from these experiences in our teaching? This is the development question at the heart of this project, which we want to answer in co-creation with these students.


Together with colleagues and students from UMCU and HU, designers from Open Concept and young people from advocacy group JongPIT, we work on exchange of knowledge and development of products that support the use of students' experiential knowledge within healthcare and social work education.


The results will become clear as the product progresses. They will hopefully serve the purpose of the project.


01 May 2024 - 01 November 2025


Students and lecturers with experience with a chronic condition and mental suffering will participate in a community of development and research and design products together. Next to the community of development we will work on a learning network that will facilitate the exchange and dialogue between educational institutes and can be used to get feedback and consulting regarding our results and developed products in the community of development.

Impact on education

More shared knowledge on how experiences of these double talents can be better utilized in health and welfare education and practice is important because it is a source of knowledge that is not yet seen or recognized as such. Products that support the recognition of that source of knowledge can help to further concretize this process in education and practice.

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Sascha van Gijzel

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  • Research group: Participation, Care and Support