Fysio Future Lab :Technology in Future Care

The Fysio Future Lab focuses on the successful implementation and practical use of new technology in movement care. Its working premise is that technology can improve the quality of care and the quality of life for the patient.


Our aim is to introduce new technology to the education and professional practice of movement care, which could lead to potential health benefits for citizens. We do this by conducting scientific research, connecting developers and end users and informing and inspiring (future) movement care professionals.<-p>


During the first 1.5 years of work at the Fysio Future Lab, we conducted various pilot studies on the usability of digital applications in movement care. These included: Physitrack, MemoRide, Range of Monitor and Inmotion VR. We renewed our approach halfway through 2019.
We now organise four meetings with the field lab each year. During these meetings there is room for questions and sharing ideas from professional practice. There will always be a representative developer present to ask for feedback regarding their (prototype) product.
In addition, we held various feedback sessions that lasted 1.5 hours each. During these sessions, movement care professionals, lecturers and the developer critically examined the applicability and usability of the relevant product.
Furthermore, (together with stakeholders) a lot of work is currently being done to develop an e-platform relating to technological solutions within movement care.<-p>


01 December 2016 - 01 September 2024


  • The Fysio Future Field Lab
    The field lab consists of a core group of around 30 (future) movement care professionals and various other situational or temporary stakeholders. Within the field lab, co-creation with developers contributes to the development of technological applications that are in line with professional practice.
  • An informative e-platform about movement care technology
    The purpose of the ‘movement care technology’ platform is to inspire and inform (future) movement care professionals about available new technology within movement care (such as medical apps, exercise games, sensors and VR technology) as well as to facilitate the search for the most suitable technology for each individual patient.
  • Research
    Research is currently being conducted into the preconditions for integrating new technology within movement care. This research focuses, among other things, on developments in the integration of new technology in existing routines within movement care, competencies that are required (21st century skills), co-creation, implementation and business models relating to new technology.

HU researchers involved in the research

  • Cindy Veenhof portret
    Cindy Veenhof
    • Professor
    • Research group: Innovation of Movement Care
  • Corelien Kloek | Researcher | Research group Innovation of Movement Care
    Corelien Kloek
    • Researcher
    • Research group: Innovation of Movement Care

Related research groups

Collaboration with knowledge partners

For this project we work with:
Companies that provide movement care technology; and/or start-up programmes that support them;
Movement care professionals and their patients who are participating in the field lab;
Students and lecturers from HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, in particular from the Institute for Human Movement Studies.

Would you like to collaborate or do you have any questions?

Corelien Kloek | Researcher | Research group Innovation of Movement Care

Corelien Kloek

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Innovation of Movement Care