Health Literacy in Children

This doctoral research focuses on health literacy among children in the Netherlands aged 9-12, in the context of prevention and health promotion. There is a great demand from society, government and healthcare for more insight into the health literacy among the members of this target group.


This research has two objectives:

1. To gain insight into which health literacy skills are relevant for children aged 9-12.

2. To identify potential successful components for learning optimal health literacy skills to children.


The intended results of the study are:

  • An overview of the operationalisations of health literacy skills among children aged 9-12 years.
  • Identification of the important health literacy skills for children aged 9-12 years in the Netherlands.
  • Insight into how children (want to) learn these health literacy skills.


01 September 2019 - 31 December 2024


First, a scoping review was conducted to examine the operationalization of health literacy skills. Additionally, a qualitative study was carried out to assess the comprehensibility and applicability of a Dutch measurement tool for health literacy skills. Focus groups were also conducted with children to gather their perspectives on what they believe health literacy means and entails.

In a modified Delphi study, international and national experts will strive for consensus in two phases regarding the applicability and importance of HL operationalisations for children aged 9-12 (in the Netherlands). Finally, a design study will be conducted, involving collaboration with children, parents, and schools to co-create an instructional framework for facilitating children's learning and measurement of the selected health literacy skills in a school context.

HU researchers involved in the research

Related research groups

Collaboration with knowledge partners

We work together with the following organisations:

  • Amsterdam Public Health research institute
  • Academische werkplaats Noord Holland
  • City of Utrecht, Department of Public Health
  • De Tweede Verdieping library in Nieuwegein
Supervision promotion
This PhD research is supervised by Prof. Mai Chin A Paw from the VU University Medical Centre Amsterdam, and by supervising professor Prof. Katarina Jerković-Ćosić. For this project we collaborate with research groups of the Research centre for Healthy and Sustainable Living, the Research group Communication in Digital Transition, and the Research group Youth.

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Wieke van Boxtel | Researcher | Research group Innovations in Preventive Care

Wieke van Boxtel

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