INVITE (Inclusive Visual Tools for user research in Ehealth)

Traditional research methods such as interviews and questionnaires are insufficiently effective to investigate health attitude, knowledge, and behaviour among lower SES-groups. In this project, we are therefore developing visual research tools, which we’re testing on usability and comprehensibility together with the target group.


Applying insights and methods from existing design research, we are developing visual research tools (e.g., images, drawings) to investigate knowledge, attitude, and behaviour from people from underprivileged groups. We work together with two design agencies (Design Innovation Group and Ideate), TU Delft (Industrial Design) and Pharos.

"People from disadvantaged groups are generally not adequately included when designing interventions stimulating healthy behaviour, but they are precisely the ones we need to reach."


  • Tangible, visual research tools, applicable in design projects with vulnerable groups;
  • Consortium formation for larger project, focusing on the design of effective, engaging healthy behaviour-interventions for vulnerable groups.


01 September 2020 - 30 June 2021


  • Theoretical and empirical research (interviews with experts and designers)
    regarding existing visual research tools (performed by HU and TU Delft);
  • Development of two prototypes by Design Innovation Group and Ideate;
  • Testing prototypes with the target group in a case study and by Pharos.

HU researchers involved in the research

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Funded by KIEM-hbo (SIA)


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