LEARN - The development of care standards in the district

Care standards support nurses working in the district to provide the best care possible. In this project, these nurses learn and reflect on how they work with the newest care standards ‘loneliness’ and the ‘burden of informal care’. 


The aim of this project is to build a sustainable and continuous cycle of learning and improvement in daily work practice by the introduction of different reflection methods that promote learning and working with the care standards ‘loneliness’ and the ‘burden of informal care’.


Nurses working in the community have learned to integrate the care standards ‘loneliness’ and ‘the burden of informal  care’ in their daily work practice. 


03 January 2021 - 03 January 2024


By use of an practice based approach, researchers and nurses work together with different reflection methods in order to learn and improve the daily work practice. The reflection methods are ‘mentoring’, ‘peer-to-peer shadowing’ and ‘learning from the data’. 

Community of Practice in the district

This project is executed within the Community of Practice in the district. This collaboration is initiated in 2019 together with the research group ‘proactive care for older people’ of the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Nursing Sciences of the University Medical Center Utrecht and various care organisations in primary care in Utrecht Leidsche Rijn; AxionContinu, Careyn, de Rijnhoven en Leidsche Rijn Julius Health Center. 
The aim of this Community of Practice is to bring together work practice, education and research. 

HU researchers involved in the research

Related research groups

Collaboration with knowledge partners

The research project is executed together with the partners of the Community of Practice in the district; AxionContinu, Careyn, de Rijnhoven en Leidsche Rijn Julius Health Center and Nursing Sciences of the University Medical Center Utrecht. In addition, Maaike Endedijk associate professor in professional learning and technology will be involved. Also, the elderly network NUZO is engaged in this research project. 


This research project is funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMw/ Grant number 80-87100-98-004

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Inge Wolbers | Researcher | Research group Chronic Diseases

Inge Wolbers

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