Psychosocial care after stroke -UPACT

After stroke a lot of people suffer from psychosocial problems, such as depression or anxiety. Such problems can hinder successful recovery. 


In this project, we develop a care program for psychosocial care during the first year after stroke. With this we aim for early identification, detection, and – if necessary – treatment of psychosocial problems.


In this project, a psychosocial care program for the first year after stroke will be developed, that a) improves psychosocial well-being after stroke; b) fits the specific needs and concerns of patients; and c) can be used in the regular care after stroke. 


01 June 2018 - 01 June 2022


In this project, the following studies are conducted:

  • Qualitative study on the current psychosocial care after stroke.
  • Qualitative and quantitative study on needs and concerns of patients and health care providers.
  • Quantitative study on prevalence and severity of psychosocial problems during the first year after stroke.
  • Literature review on potentially effective interventions for psychosocial well-being.


With these finding, the first version of the care program will be developed. This can then be further tested in practice.

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