PUNC - Professional UNcertainty Competence

PUNC is a 3-year Erasmus+ project aiming to develop strategies, tools and methods for both teachers and students to develop their PUNC (professional uncertainty competence). This is important as professionals encounter uncertainty in the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous professional world they find ourselves in.




The aim of the PUNC project is to bridge the ‘competence gap’ of handling uncertainty productively, and professionalize educators to enable learners to develop their PUNC (Professional Uncertainty competence) in their professional performance.



The 6 partners will involve teachers and students in developing:

  • a guide for teachers for designing a 'VUCA' learning environment.
  • a PUNC competence framework to define learning outcomes for developing one's PUNC.
  • a PUNC toolbox to support developing one's PUNC
  • an E-portfolio that monitors this development.

For this we work with surveys, discussion groups, and other means. And we keep interested parties informed via our website (URL follows as soon as possible). In addition to international project meetings, we will also organize national public meetings where the progress of the PUNC project will be presented to interested parties by the project leaders. The current data will soon be communicated by researchers Stijn Bollinger and Ritie van Rooijen.



The PUNC project aims to create:

  • a guide for educators to designing a ‘VUCA’ learning environment
  • a PUNC competence framework to define actionable learning outcomes for developing one’s PUNC.
  • a PUNC toolbox in support of developing one’s PUNC
  • an E-portfolio that monitors this development



01 September 2020 - 31 August 2023

HU researchers involved in the research

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"Increasingly, professionals have to operate in situations that are complex and

uncertain. This can lead to feelings of uncertainty. These feelings can stimulate

creativity and the need to go the extra mile. However, they can also lead to stress

and procrastination. It is of great importance in education to help students to

develop skills to deal with this. The PUNC project aims to help educators in higher

education to train (prospective) professionals to deal with their own uncertainty

productively; and on a European scale, so the project contributes to a future with

resilient, creative and productive professionals.


This project is relevant for all education professionals and students who want to
explore and make productive their uncertainty in learning and working. The
outcomes will be made publicly available and will be free of charge.

Collaboration with knowledge partners

Collaboration with the following partners: University of Gdansk,Innocamp,Turku University of Applied Science, Business Academy Aarhus Denmark, University Polotecnica de Valencia



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Stijn Bollinger | Senior researcher and senior lecturer | Methodology of Practice-Based Research

Stijn Bollinger

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  • Research group: Research Competence