The complex issues encountered in today’s society call for professionals, researchers, lecturers and students with a research mind-set. This competence enables them to effectively gather and utilise the relevant knowledge and information. Through its activities, the research group aims to help individuals and programmes to follow a truly exploratory approach in their work processes.

Lines of research within the research group

The research group has identified five key themes that are specifically relevant to the strengthening of research competence.

Which shape does research competence take within various contexts and roles, and how does it relate to other competences that are particularly important in complex situations? This theme centres on doing justice to the wide range of contexts within which professionals need to adopt an exploratory approach.

Which requirements and quality criteria should be satisfied by your exploratory work process? This theme examines just how thorough you should be when conducting research within a professional context. A critical professional with properly developed research competence is able to assess which degree of thoroughness they should pursue in a given situation.

Which research results are desired, and for whom? To be of tangible value to its users, when should a specific research product be delivered, by whom and in which form? Research performed in the context of professional practice or practice-based research doesn’t automatically lead to greater professionalism or a concrete solution for a real-life issue. In this theme, we focus on which elements are required in this context.

Contributors to practice-based research all tend to have their own ideas and interests. So how do you get everyone on the same page? For example, practice-based research is often based on collaboration between educational institutions, knowledge institutes, research institutes and/or professionals working in the field. Within this theme, the research group examines how to get different people on board and how to foster mutual understanding.

How to best shape a change in the way professionals think and act – to ensure that they adopt the mind-set of a true researcher? Sometimes, the development of an exploratory work process requires a transformation in the professional involved. And similarly, degree programmes that wish to incorporate research competence in their curriculum often have to start thinking in a different way about research itself. In this theme, we examine how you can effectively facilitate these kinds of changes.



The research group supports universities of applied sciences across the Netherlands in the incorporation of research competence in the curricula of their bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes.

Example of practice-based research Daan Andriessen | Professor | Methodology of Practice-Based Research

“Due to the increasing complexity of issues in today’s society, we see a growing need for an exploratory work process – one that combines knowledge from multiple disciplines and contributes to learning through experimentation. This calls for new skills and a different attitude and perspective.”

Daan Andriessen Professor of Research Competence


The research group works closely with degree programmes at universities of applied sciences, practice-based researchers and other knowledge institutes, companies that work with students and applied researchers and research funders. We examine, advise and organise introductory courses, lectures, workshops and trainings. In addition, the research group develops concrete products and methodologies.

Our professors and researchers

Daan Andriessen | Professor | Methodology of Practice-Based Research

Daan Andriessen

Professor Research Competence Show profile
Wilke van Beest | Researcher | Research groups Methodology of Practice-Based Research and Marketing, Market Research and Innovation

Wilke van Beest

PhD candidate Marketing & Customer Experience, Research Competence Show profile
Stijn Bollinger | Senior researcher and senior lecturer | Methodology of Practice-Based Research

Stijn Bollinger

Researcher Research Competence Show profile
Roelof Ettema | Researcher | Methodology of Practice-Based Research | Chronic Diseases

Roelof Ettema

Researcher Research Competence Show profile

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