Lisette Munneke


Lisette Munneke is professor Pedagogy of Epistemic Agency and leads the research group Research Competence in collaboration with professor Daan Andriessen. She researchers the role of epistemic agency in everyday professional practices and how related research competences can be stimulated in (future) professionals. With this, she takes a broad perspective on research competences for professionals: going through a formal research cycle is only one of the many ways professionals use research competences in their daily work.

Lisette obtained her PhD (2007) in educational sciences on the topic of ‘learning to argue’ at Utrecht University. Afterwards she worked as a teacher trainer at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. At the research group research competence, she is researching the research-teaching-practice nexus in (higher) professional education.

Lisette is a researcher who works closely with problems in practice. She places professional practice at the centre of developing research competences of professionals. She visits many universities of applied sciences and has thus developed considerable expertise on the different views surrounding the role of research in higher professional education.

Fields of expertise

  • Epistemic agency
  • Research competence
  • Professional/vocational education

"Epistemic agency is not the same as doing (practice-based) research, it encompasses much more than that. "



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