Graduation project supervision of undergraduate students in Higher Professional Education

Authors ir. Irene R.M. van der Marel, Dr. Lisette Munneke, Elly de Bruijn
Publication date September 2018
Research groups Research Competence, Vocational Education
Type Lecture


Paperbijdrage conferentie EARLI SIG 14, 11-14 september 2018, Genève Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) that offer Professional Studies (PS) are required to educate students to become starting professionals with research competence, that enable them to deal with challenging tasks that professionals face in a dynamic knowledge society (e.g. Heggen, Karseth, & Kyvik, 2010). To assess professional and research competence, students at UAS in the Netherlands mostly develop a professional product for an external bidder as their graduation project. The professional product is an artefact that is ideally representative for students’ future professions within a specific domain, e.g. a strategic advice within the economic domain (e.g. Losse, 2016). Due to the integrative and complex character of this task, supervision is essential and we thus need to understand what expertise supervisors need and which are good pedagogic strategies. However, little is known about graduation project supervision at UAS. This literature review aims at providing knowledge about graduation project supervision and at revealing what further inquiry on graduation project supervision should aim at, by answering the following questions: 1. What expertise do supervisors need and what is known about pedagogic strategies in graduation project supervision at UAS? 2. What should further inquiry after graduation project supervision at UAS aim at?

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Language English
Key words universities of applies sciences, graduation project supervision

Irene van der Marel-Koning