Mapping of Safe Uncertainty in the research process

Authors Stijn Bollinger, Ritie van Rooijen, Lisette Munneke
Publication date 30 November 2017
Research groups Research Competence
Type Lecture


In many learning spaces in higher professional education, students are required to do research. At the same time they, and many of their tutors, struggle with the doubt, the uncertainty and even the anxiety that often accompanies the research process. Research shows that uncertainty and safety (‘safe uncertainty’) play an important role in students’ experiences of the research process. In order to study this and to answer the question ‘how to cope with uncertainty during the research process?’, we have designed a tool called ‘research mapping’. In a workshop setting, research mapping visualizes first the research process and, secondly, the elements of safe uncertainty within. Subsequently, dialogue between the participants produces generalized insights in the research process and in the role of safe uncertainty in that process. Next to the benefits for students and tutors, also the learning space of doing research can be improved.

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Stijn Bollinger

Stijn Bollinger | Senior researcher and senior lecturer | Methodology of Practice-Based Research

Stijn Bollinger

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