Roadmap Actionable Cybersecurity

The design of security measures is an underexposed link in the cybersecurity chain. There is a lot of attention for technology and for the knowledge of the employees, but if the tools are unnecessarily complicated, people will continue to make mistakes. In this project we explore whether and how design can contribute to safer online behaviour of employees.


We explore whether design can contribute to a safer digital environment.


• Examples of user-friendly cyber security solutions
• Guidelines for designing user-friendly cybersecurity
• Knowledge about the approach to such research


01 October 2022 - 01 October 2023


We investigate in one case how users work with a 'safe' solution and what problems they experience. Based on a design case, we come up with alternatives and try to relate them to existing guidelines for designing safe solutions. We evaluate these alternatives with employees. Reflection on this approach gives us insight into the pitfalls of this type of research.

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Koen van Turnhout

Koen van Turnhout

  • Professor
  • Research group: Human Experience & Media Design