TROEF energy

TROEF is a MOOI-grant project in which co-design and the Centre of Expertise Smart and Sustainable Cities are involved. Co-design is working together with other TROEF partners in designing the customer experience of the new TROEF services that are being developed within the project.


TROEF has the goal to develop an Internet-of-Energy. With this IoE the decentralized energy system of the future will be made possible, which in turn will accelerate the energy transition. Next to this new services are being developed that build upon this IoE.


  • Per result area (utility, mobility, residential) 3-5 customer journeys for different customer areas 
  • Tested customer journeys in living labs
  • An over-arching TROEF service blueprint


01 April 2021 - 31 December 2024


These customer journeys are being developed together with the end-user using a co-design philosophy. By doing this the TROEF partners are being aided in developing these new services. Co-design also makes sure that there is a shared goal for the customer experience.

How does IoE work?

The IoE in practice is being used to create local energy communities in which renewable energy is being generated exchanged. This LECs can also exchange energy between each other if the balance within the community is not reached. This leads to an increase in renewable energy self-consumption and therefore a lowered and more efficient use of the national energy grid.


The energy transition is an enormous challenge in which we need new talent to join us. Also has the aim to kick-start learning communities. This means that an effort is made to share the knowledge gained about smart energy systems during the project with students. 


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