A collective biography on working relationships in inclusive research teams

Authors Sofie Sergeant, Hanna Peels, Henriëtte Sandvoort, Pseudonym Beau, Patrick Schelfhout, Elisabeth De Schauwer
Published in Disability & Society
Publication date 2022
Research groups Youth
Type Article


In this article we explore our own experiences on working relationships in inclusive research through a collective biography. We aim to contribute to the understanding of how collaboration in inclusive research teams works, and how to realise transformation in ways of working together. In the collective biography we reflected on challenges in inclusive research, and how working together has impacted each one of us. In doing so we draw on Fine’s concept of ‘working the hyphens’: the conscious exploration of what happens where formal and informal roles or contexts overlap. We found that for us, ‘working the hyphen’ means: allowing time for togetherness, which is crucial for the construal of an ‘us’. We experienced the necessity of a permanent meta-conversation on accessibility, growth, and thresholds in our working relationships. By consistently being alert to and transparent about the moveability in the hyphen-space, the relational work between researchers can be deepened and made productive. Finally, we elaborated on several dilemmas in sharing responsibility between researchers.

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Language English
Published in Disability & Society
Key words inclusive research, working relationship, inclusive research teams

Sofie Sergeant