A systematic review of the relationship between physical activities in sports or daily life and postural sway in upright stance

Authors Henri Kiers, Jaap van Dieen, H. Dekkers, Harriët Wittink, Luc Vanhees
Published in Sports Medicine
Publication date 2013
Research groups Lifestyle and Health
Type Article


Background: In many sports, maintaining balance is necessary to compete at a high level. Also, in many health problems, balance is impaired. Postural sway (PS) is often used as an indicator of upright balance control, and physical activity (PA) might enhance balance control. However, the relationship between PS and PA has never been systematically reviewed. Objective: Our objective was to summarize the evidence regarding the relationship between PS in upright bipedal and unipedal standing and PA.

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Language English
Published in Sports Medicine
Year and volume 43 11
Page range 1171-1189

Henri Kiers

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Henri Kiers

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