Accuracy Test of Software Architecture Compliance Checking Tools

Authors Sjaak Brinkkemper, Leo Pruijt, C. Köppe, J.M.E.M. van der Werf
Publication date 1 December 2015
Research groups Artificial Intelligence
Type Report


Author supplied: "Abstract Software Architecture Compliance Checking (SACC) is an approach to verify conformance of implemented program code to high-level models of architectural design. Static SACC focuses on the modular software architecture and on the existence of rule violating dependencies between modules. Accurate tool support is essential for effective and efficient SACC. This document describes a test approach that may be used to determine how accurate a tested SACCT-tool is with respect to dependency analysis and violation reporting. This technical report is intended as a test manual and describes how a SACCT-tool can be tested. Two separate tests are described: the Benchmark test, and the FreeMind test."

Language English
Key words software architecture

Artificial Intelligence