The Artificial Intelligence research group researches applications of AI and data-driven innovation. AI technology is developing rapidly and has an impact on many companies and governments. It is of social importance to steer this development in the right direction and to explore and, where necessary, record the limits of AI. People-oriented values such as transparency, trust, creativity and autonomy are central to this.

Lines of research within the research group

Research to tools, prototypes and methods that developers need to realise human centred AI.

Research to and the development of tools to make AI transparant and explainable.

Explore the boundaries of machine learning and the usefulness of it for entrepreneurs.



Researchers of our research group are involved within the ICT educational programmes of Artificial Intelligence Software Engineering, Cybersecurity, the Masters Data Driven Business, Data Driven Design, International Business Administration and the International Master Human Centered Artificial Intelligence.

“It's the most efficient thing to do to allow algorithms to make decisions on behalf of human beings. […] And if this is more efficient, what happens to the ideals of freedom and human rights and individualism?”

Yuval Noah Harari


The research group Artificial Intelligence works together with regulators and banks on the explainability of AI in the financial sector, with media parties on the responsible use of AI, with hospitals on the responsible implementation of personalized care and with government organizations on the implementation of ethical and legislative frameworks in new AI applications. Do you have a question about the responsible use of AI? Please contact us. Our researchers and students are open to collaboration.

Our professors and researchers

Stefan Leijnen

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Huib Alderwereld

Huib Aldewereld

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Roland Bijvank

Researcher Artificial Intelligence Show profile

Anita Boerema

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Stefan Leijnen

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