The Research group Artificial Intelligence focuses on the design and organisation of intelligent data systems. These systems make it possible for companies and organisations in the creative industry and marketing to deal with increasing amounts of data.


We study how systems can be designed so they can be maintained and expanded. The main focus is on the application and use of new technological developments, such as the cloud and blockchain. This line of research provides the architectural component for digital transformation.

We strive to arrange IT and organisations in such a way that changes to the IT landscape can be implemented quickly and efficiently. Within the context of digital transformation, this line of research therefore focusses more on the interaction between IT and professional practice.

We study the way companies and organisations deal with increasing amounts of data. An important aspect of the digital transformation is the responsible use of data and the use of data in artificial intelligence.



Members of the research group are also lecturers at the Archimedes Institute and IT degree programmes and work on topics such as Big Data, machine learning, system management, and scalable infrastructures. In addition, the courses Open ICT and VR-Lab are developing an innovative tool for providing personalised feedback during presentations.


“I’ve always been working to improve the way we do things so that we can reach our goals better. To do that we really need to listen to our customers and use data to help us improve.”

Nico Bloem DUO, member of the consortium The Data Tales


The Research group Artificial Intelligence is collaborating with CoVince in a study on the development of a personalised VR tool. In addition, within the Data Tales consortium, we work together with data-intensive organisations, such as Aegon, DUO and KPN . Various SMEs are also providing us with their expertise.

Our professors and researchers

Stefan Leijnen

Stefan Leijnen

Professor Artificial Intelligence Show profile
Martin van den Berg

Martin van den Berg

Researcher Artificial Intelligence Show profile
Roland Bijvank | Researcher | Intelligent Data Systems

Roland Bijvank

Researcher Artificial Intelligence Show profile
Roelant Ossewaarde | Researcher | Intelligent Data Systems

Roelant Ossewaarde

Researcher Artificial Intelligence Show profile