Stefan Leijnen

Dr. Stefan Leijnen is professor of the Artificial Intelligence research group, where applications of artificial intelligence and data-driven innovation are investigated with a central focus on human values such as transparency, trust, creativity and autonomy.

Artificial Intelligence technology and the use of data are developing at a rapid pace. This impacts people, business and governmental organizations across all sectors and fields. It is important for us - citizens, users, consumers - to steer the personal and societal impact of these developments in the right direction by exploring the boundaries of AI and limiting them where necessary.


"Once intelligent algoritmes understand us better than we understand ourselves, it will have profound consequences for how we organize our societies, our economies, our political systems, and how we view ourselves."

Besides his work at the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht Stefan works as freelance speaker and consultant. He is founder of the Asimov Institute for Artificial Creativity & Constraint, and advisor at the Netherlands AI Coalition. Previously, Stefan worked as CTO for War Child and as researcher at the University of Liverpool, UC Berkeley, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Tufts University and the University of British Columbia.


  • AI Governance
  • Human-centred Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Creativity




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Stefan Leijnen

  • Professor
  • Research group: Artificial Intelligence