Trust in Artificial Intelligence: Exploring the Influence of Model Presentation and Model Interaction on Trust in a Medical Setting

Authors Tina Wünn, Danielle Sent, Linda W. P. Peute, Stefan Leijnen
Published in ECAI 2023 Workshops, CCIS 1948, pp. 76–86, 2024
Publication date 2024
Research groups Artificial Intelligence
Type Article


The healthcare sector has been confronted with rapidly rising health care costs and a shortage of medical staff. At the same time, the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a promising area of research, offering poten tial benefits for healthcare. Despite the potential of AI to support healthcare, its widespread implementation, especially in healthcare, remains limited. One possible factor contributing to that is the lack of trust in AI algorithms among healthcare professionals. Previous studies have indicated that explainability plays a crucial role in establishing trust in AI systems. This study aims to explore trust in AI and its connection to explainability in a medical setting. A rapid review was conducted to provide an overview of the existing knowledge and research on trust and explainability. Building upon these insights, a dashboard interface was developed to present the output of an AI-based decision-support tool along with explanatory information, with the aim of enhancing explainability of the AI for healthcare professionals. To investigate the impact of the dashboard and its expla nations on healthcare professionals, an exploratory case study was conducted. The study encompassed an assessment of participants’ trust in the AI system, their perception of its explainability, as well as their evaluations of perceived ease of use and perceived usefulness. The initial findings from the case study indicate a positive correlation between perceived explainability and trust in the AI system. Our preliminary findings suggest that enhancing the explainability of AI systems could increase trust among healthcare professionals. This may contribute to an increased acceptance and adoption of AI in healthcare. However, a more elaborate experiment with the dashboard is essential.

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Language English
Published in ECAI 2023 Workshops, CCIS 1948, pp. 76–86, 2024
Key words trust, healthcare, explainability, Articial Intelligence (AI), dashboard
Digital Object Identifier 10.1007/978-3-031-50485-3_6

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