The European AI Tango

Authors Christina Todorova, George Sharkov, Huib Aldewereld, Stefan Leijnen, Alireza Dehghani, Stefano Marrone, Carlo Sansone, Maurice Lynch, John Pugh, Tarry Singh, Kitti Mezei
Published in HCAI-EP ’23, Dublin, Ireland
Publication date 2023
Research groups Artificial Intelligence
Type Article


In the past few years, the EU has shown a growing commitment to address the rapid transformations brought about by the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) developments by increasing efforts in AI regulation. Nevertheless, despite the growing body of technical knowledge and progress, the governance of AI-intensive technolo gies remains dynamic and challenging. A mounting chorus of ex perts expresses reservations about an overemphasis on regulation in Europe. Among their core arguments is the concern that such an approach might hinder innovation within the AI arena. This concern resonates particularly strongly compared to the United States and Asia, where AI-driven innovation appears to be surging ahead, potentially leaving Europe behind. This paper emphasizes the need to balance certification and governance in AI to foster ethical innovation and enhance the re liability and competitiveness of European technology. It explores recent AI regulations and upcoming European laws, underscor ing Europe’s role in the global AI landscape. The authors analyze European governance approaches and their impact on SMEs and startups, offering a comparative view of global regulatory efforts. The paper highlights significant global AI developments from the past year, focusing on Europe’s contributions. We address the com plexities of creating a comprehensive, human-centred AI master’s programme for higher education. Finally, we discuss how Europe can seize opportunities to promote ethical and reliable AI progress through education, fostering a balanced approach to regulation and enhancing young professionals’ understanding of ethical and legal aspects.

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Language English
Published in HCAI-EP ’23, Dublin, Ireland
Key words Human-Centred, Regulation, Ethics, AI Education, Business, SMEs, Innovation, AI (artificial intelligence)
Digital Object Identifier 10.1145/3633083.3633161

Artificial Intelligence