Huib Alderwereld

Huib Aldewereld

Dr. Huib Aldewereld is a researcher of Artificial Intelligence Research Group and researches the design and governance aspects of intelligent and data-driven systems. In his research he mainly focuses on normative and ethical aspects of the deployment of AI systems.


Given the current rapid developments in AI, more and more thought needs to be given to the human element. It has become important to look not just at the technological development of AI, but focus more on the interaction between AI and humans. How can one ensure that the social and regulatory requirements are sufficiently taken into account in the technical design and deployment of these types of systems.

In 2007, Huib Aldewereld was awarded his PhD at Utrecht University and has since worked as a researcher at University of Maastricht, Utrecht University and Delft University of Technology. In 2016 he started working at the Institute for ICT of the HU. As of 2019, he is an Associate Professor and responsible for the creation and implementation of the first complete course on AI for Applied Sciences.


  • Social coordination & normative systems
  • Social technical systems
  • Value-sensitive (AI / software) development



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Huib Alderwereld

Huib Aldewereld

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Artificial Intelligence