Long-Range Human Detection in Drone Camera Images

Authors Joris Heemskerk, Tina Mioch, Henry Maathuis, Huib Aldewereld
Published in Proceedings of the 21st ISCRAM Conference
Publication date 25 May 2024
Research groups Artificial Intelligence
Type Lecture


In recent years, drones have increasingly supported First Responders (FRs) in monitoring incidents and providing additional information. However, analysing drone footage is time-intensive and cognitively demanding. In this research, we investigate the use of AI models for the detection of humans in drone footage to aid FRs in tasks such as locating victims. Detecting small-scale objects, particularly humans from high altitudes, poses a challenge for AI systems. We present first steps of introducing and evaluating a series of YOLOv8 Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) for human detection from drone images. The models are fine-tuned on a created drone image dataset of the Dutch Fire Services and were able to achieve a 53.1% F1-Score, identifying 439 out of 825 humans in the test dataset. These preliminary findings, validated by an incident commander, highlight the promising utility of these models. Ongoing efforts aim to further refine the models and explore additional technologies.

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  • Tina Mioch
    Tina Mioch
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  • Huib Alderwereld
    Huib Aldewereld
    • Researcher
    • Research group: Artificial Intelligence

Language English
Published in Proceedings of the 21st ISCRAM Conference
Key words Human Detection, Computer Vision, drones

Artificial Intelligence