Authentic and self-directed learning in vocational education

Authors Y. Leeman, Prof.Dr. Elly de Bruijn
Published in Teaching and Teacher Education
Publication date 2011
Research groups Vocational Education
Type Article


This study analyses the dilemmas and practical problems in implementing competence-based vocational education through 11 case studies. Schools seem to meet various fundamental issues, but it remains difficult in what way the acquisition and use of a way of knowing and thinking that is based on vocational theory can be stimulated. Reflection, authenticity and coaching seem to missing. In order to explain these results, the article also reflects on factors that account for the distance between promising concepts and actual teaching practice.

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Language English
Published in Teaching and Teacher Education
Year and volume 27 4
Key words learning activities, teacher roles, vocational education, competence-based education, authentic learning, self-directed learning
Page range 694-702

Vocational Education