Az ellát—rendszer átalakítása Nyugat-Eur—pában. Átmenet az intézményi alapú klinikai ellátásokt—ol a felépülés orientált megközelítésekbe

Authors Jean Pierre Wilken
Published in Esely
Publication date 2012
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Conference organized by the Faculty of Social Sciences of Eötvös Loránd University, Hilscher Rezső Social Policy Association, Gyere Association and CARe Europe 3 Foreword 5 Section 1. Transition from institutional to recovery-oriented community care: challenges throughout Europe 5 Zsolt Bugarszki: Introduction 7 Jan Pfeiff er: Developments in Central and Eastern Europe with regard to transition from Institutional to Community Care 13 Robert van Voren: Reform of the mental health system in Eastern Europe and in the former Soviet Republics 17 Jean-Pierre Wilken: Developments in Western Europe with regard to transition from traditional to recovery oriented care 21 Dirk den Hollander: Recognition of power and the power of recognition

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Language English
Published in Esely
Year and volume 2012 3
Page range 17-20

Jean-Pierre Wilken

Jean Pierre Wilken | Professor | Participation, Care and Support

Jean-Pierre Wilken

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