Boundary Practices in Interactive Research

Authors Kariene Mittendorff, Loek Nieuwenhuis, Aimée Hoeve, Karin Truijen, Mark Gellevij, Ilya Zitter
Publication date 2013
Research groups Vocational Education
Type Lecture


At the 2008 ECER conference Ellström introduced the concept of interactive research. Interactive research often takes place in the context of innovation processes. In this proposal we chose to focus on the context of educational innovation. In contemporary Dutch education, particularly in vocational education, many innovation projects take place in which research is incorporated. As there are no clear-cut answers in how to organize the interaction between such innovation and research, we studied three projects in Dutch vocational education from the learning perspective one can take on the interplay between knowledge creation and innovation (Ellström, 2010)

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  • Ilya Zitter
    Ilya Zitter
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Vocational Education