Capacity and needs assessment of the implementation of the toddler oral health intervention at well-baby clinics

Authors Brenda Grift, Katarina Jerković-Ćosić, Josef Bruers
Published in Community Dental Health
Publication date 2024
Research groups Innovations in Preventive Care
Type Article


Objective: To conduct a capacity and needs assessment identifying important factors for the successful implementation of an oral health coach (OHC) at well-baby clinics. This Toddler Oral Health Intervention (TOHI) provides oral health promotion to parents to prevent early childhood caries. Methods: A two-round Delphi study was conducted with an expert panel consisting of OHCs and paediatric staff. The survey was based on the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research (CFIR), consisting of 39 constructs divided over 5 domains: intervention characteristics (8), inner setting (14), outer setting (4), characteristics of individuals (5) and the process of implementation (8). Results: Constructs relating to the inner setting, outer setting and implementation process were identified as essential. Availability of resources, information on how to execute or facilitate the intervention, and the integration of the intervention into existing work tasks were also essential. Alignment and partnership between OHCs and paediatric staff, along with the prioritization of parents' and children's needs were emphasized. A formally appointed internal implementation leader within each organization, capable of transferring their enthusiasm to the team, and regular meetings for progress and experience sharing were considered essential. Conclusion: Specific strategies are needed in the implementation phase to increase the adoption, implementation and maintenance of the TOHI, ultimately leading to improved oral health in children. This study provides valuable insights into important factors for implementation of an oral health intervention in a public health setting.

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Language English
Published in Community Dental Health
Year and volume 41 1
Key words implementation science, needs assessment, oral health, public health
Digital Object Identifier 10.1922/CDH_00116Grift07.
Page range 32-38

Brenda Grift

Brenda Grift

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