Brenda Grift

Brenda Grift (MSc) graduated in 2016 as a dental hygienist from Hogeschool Utrecht. After graduating, she started with a master’s degree in Health Sciences at VU Amsterdam. During her master she participated in the research project ‘Gezonde Peutermonden’.

After completing her master’s degree, Brenda started working as a junior researcher, continuing for the project ‘Gezonde Peutermonden’. In addition, she started working as a dental hygienist teacher at Hogeschool Utrecht.

After a few years working for ‘Gezonde Peutermonden’, she was awarded with a subsidy in February 2020. Since april 2020, she has started her doctoral program ‘Gezonde Peutermonden; van onderzoek naar praktijk’. Within this research she will identify the facilitators and barriers that influence the successful implementation of ‘Gezonde Peutermonden’.

Fields of expertise

  • Dental Hygiene
  • Prevention
  • Youth



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Brenda Grift

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Innovations in Preventive Care