Combining qualitative design-based methods and quantitative consumer research methods to improve customer experience in small service businesses

Authors Christine Lille, de, Remko Lugt, van der, Gerrita Veen, van der
Published in International Journal of Technology Marketing
Publication date 29 October 2015
Research groups Co-design, Marketing & Customer Experience
Type Article


Author supplied: Abstract How can you provide health clubs with the possibility of offering innovative and differentiating services in an increasingly competitive and rapidly changing environment? This was the issue raised by the Dutch health club industry, which has grown rapidly in recent years. To this end, we conducted extensive research in order to understand the needs of customers and flesh out a customer-driven marketing approach. As the most frequently used models and methods in marketing do not respond to the demands of small businesses, we adapted emerging generative-user research methods from the field of design. We demonstrate how we combined qualitative design research with quantitative customer research in a study for the health club industry. Finally, we discuss how the approach prompted new insights in the context of small business in the service sector through multidisciplinary collaboration. DOI: 10.1504/IJTMKT.2015.070647

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Language English
Published in International Journal of Technology Marketing
Year and volume 10 3
Key words customer experience, design research, marketing strategy
Page range 266-286