Computerized assessment of the acoustics of progressive aphasia

Authors Roelant Ossewaarde, Fedor Jalvingh, Roel Jonkers, Roelien Bastiaanse
Published in Stem-, Spraak- en Taalpathologie
Publication date 25 September 2016
Research groups Artificial Intelligence
Type Lecture


From the introduction: "There are two variants of fronto-temporal dementia: a behavioral variant (behavioral FTD, bvFTD, Neary et al. (1998)), which causes changes in behavior and personality but leaves syntax, phonology and semantics relatively intact, and a variant that causes impairments in the language processing system (Primary Progessive Aphasia, PPA (Gorno-Tempini et al., 2004). PPA can be subdivided into subtypes fluent (fluent but empty speech, comprehension of word meaning is affected / `semantic dementia') and non-fluent (agrammatism, hesitant or labored speech, word finding problems). Some identify logopenic aphasia as a FTD-variant: fluent aphasia with anomia but intact object recognition and underlying word meaning."

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Language English
Published in Stem-, Spraak- en Taalpathologie
Year and volume 2016 21, supplement 1, september 2016
Key words Aphasia, Taalstoornissen

Roelant Ossewaarde

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Roelant Ossewaarde

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