Deinstitutionalization and developing community based services. International overview

Authors Hans van Ewijk, Zsolt Bugarszki, Jean Pierre Wilken
Publication date 2015
Research groups Participation, Care and Support
Type Report


The transition from institutional to community care for vulnerable people has been shaping the welfare system in Europe over the last decades. For the period of 2014-20 deinstitutionalization became one of the highlighted priorities of the European Commission in order to promote reforms in disability and mental health care in the convergence regions, too. Between 2007 and 2013, Estonia as many other Eastern European countries has implemented the first wave of deinstitutionalization and during the new EU budget period a second wave will be occurred in order to continue and hopefully complete the transition. In this study, we try to give an overview on the experiences of different European countries highlighting good practices and possible pitfalls. This study has been conducted at the request of the Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs.

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Jean-Pierre Wilken

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Jean-Pierre Wilken

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