Developing eHealth Technology for People With Dementia: Towards a Supportive Decision Tool Facilitating Shared Decision-Making in Dementia

Authors Jan Jukema, Marijke Span, Carolien Smits, Marike Hettinga, Jan Eefsting, Myrra Vernooij-Dassen, Anita Cremers, Leontine Groen-van de Ven
Publication date 2013
Type Lecture


People with dementia are confronted with many decisions. However, they are often not involved in the process of the decision-making. Shared Decision-Making (SDM) enables involvement of persons with dementia in the decision-making process. In our study, we develop a supportive IT application aiming to facilitate the decision-making process in care networks of people with dementia. A key feature in the development of this SDM tool is the participation of all network members during the design and development process, including the person with dementia. In this paper, we give insight into the first phases of this design and development process in which we conducted extensive user studies and translated wishes and needs of network members into user requirements

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Language English
Key words shared decision-making, decision tool, co-creation, dementia, eHealth