Development of Students' Personal Professional Theories in Senior Secondary Vocational Education.

Authors Dr. Harmen Schaap, M. van der Schaaf, Prof.Dr Elly de Bruijn
Published in Evaluation & Research in Education
Publication date 2011
Research groups Vocational Education
Type Article


This article provides a construct to monitor and analyse students' personal knowledge development: 'personal professional theory' (PPT). It aims to investigate the development of the content and nature of students' PPTs and their perceptions of learning processes in vocational education during school-based learning and workplace learning. The conclusion based on this study is that the development of students' PPTs involves knowledge compilation as well as thematic turbulence.

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Language English
Published in Evaluation & Research in Education
Year and volume 24 2
Key words personal professional theories, longitudinal analysis, repeated measures, content triangulation, school-based learning, workplace learning
Page range 81-103

Vocational Education