Development, Reliability and Validity of the Assessment-tool for Moral Authorship

Authors Rob Gertsen
Publication date 2017
Research groups Normative Professionalisation
Type Lecture


This presentation reports on the status of an assessment-tool for Moral Authorship that is being developed for teachers and discusses its reliability and validation. Moral Authorship refers to the ability of teachers to observe, identify, articulate and reflect on moral aspects in their work in a thoughtful and dialogical way. The developed assessment tool is based on the concept of Moral Authorship, which describes moral meaning-making in a narrative way and distinguishes six tasks as points of attention, to identify topics of concern which arise when reflecting on the development of one’s morality (Gertsen, Schaap & Bakker, 2017). Paper presented at the AME 2017 Conference

Language English
Key words moral authorship, normative professionalism, education, teachers

Rob Gertsen