The aim of our research group is to contribute to the development of a professional identity. We primarily focus on the normative aspect of activities performed by professionals. In this way, we wish to improve the quality of vocational education.

Lines of research within the research group



The research group offers various guest lectures and contributes to education and curriculum development. Furthermore, each researcher integrates an NP-approach in their own education.

Various minor programmes are designed by the research group, such as:

  • Philosophy, World religions, and Spirituality
  • Global Citizenship



This research group is part of a collaborative research group, in which the chair Religious and Worldview Education of the Faculty of Humanities at Utrecht University forms the other part.

Our professors and researchers

Cok Bakker lector NP

Cok Bakker

Professor Normative Professionalisation Show profile

Eline Belgraver

Lecturer-researcher Normative Professionalisation Show profile
Remco Coppoolse | Researcher | Research group Normative Professionalization

Remco Coppoolse

Researcher Driving Educational Change, Normative Professionalisation Show profile
Anita Emans | Researcher / PhD candidate | Normative professionalisation

Anita Emans

Researcher Normative Professionalisation Show profile