Enhancing user involvement with digital cultural heritage: The usage of social tagging and storytelling

Authors Dr. H.M.M. van Vliet , Erik Hekman
Published in First Monday
Publication date 2012
Research groups Human Experience & Media Design
Type Article


Full text via link. This paper focuses on the use of online social tagging and storytelling to enrich digital collections of cultural heritage. Together with several Dutch museums, we examined the question of whether and how social tagging could benefit these museums in disclosing specific digital collections. This led to the development of a social tagging tool (www.ikweetwatditis.nl) as a means of researching behaviour when tagging cultural objects. The results show that tagging and storytelling can help museums enrich their collections and involve their audiences.


  • Erik Hekman | Researcher | Human Experience & Media Design
    Erik Hekman
    • Researcher
    • Research groups: Human Experience & Media Design

Language English
Published in First Monday

Human Experience and Media Design