Evaluation of an implementation protocol for digitization and devices in Operating Rooms

Authors Navin Sewberath Misser, Joris E. N. Jaspers, Bas van Zaane, Hein Gooszen, Johan Versendaal
Published in Proceedings
Publication date 13 August 2021
Type Lecture


Implementing new information systems and devices, in high-reliability organizations such as operating rooms (OR’s) in hospitals, is complex. To improve the success and efficiency of these implementations we constructed a protocol for implementation for digitization and devices in OR’s. This protocol consists of implementation factors, implementation activities, and implementation instructions. In this study, we evaluated this protocol. To gather data, we organized three focus group sessions with participants holding different job roles at different departments: a surgeon, a methodologist, anesthesiologists, a scrub nurse, a training officer, innovations officers, and OR-management. We gathered qualitative data regarding completeness, clearness, and the ability to execute. Sessions were video-recorded, transcribed, and coded in Nvivo for Windows according to Toulmins Argumentative Pattern. Based on this analysis, revisions to factors, activities, and instructions are presented for protocol enhancement; experts confirm that an implementation protocol is needed to increase implementation efficiency and adoption of new devices.

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Language English
Published in Proceedings
Key words Implementation protocol, Medical information system, Health information system, Medical Device, Medical Technology, Implementation, Operating Room.

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