Exploring Ethics in the Practice of Public Welfare Professionals

Authors Lizet van Donkersgoed
Publication date 2019
Research groups Innovative Social Services
Type Doctoral Thesis


This thesis is about dilemmas, discretionary space and ethics in public welfare. In my position as a lecturer of ethics in socio-legal practices I am concerned with the way in which these practices open up to an ethical development of their professionals. Thus, this thesis is a search for the most fundamental themes and issues in understanding and judging public welfare as a, perhaps, ethical socio-legal practice. In the field of public services professionals function as the intermediary between government and citizen. In their daily work public welfare professionals take care of the important societal task and goal of poverty alleviation. During the last decades, public welfare has developed into a civil right that involves many obligations on the part of the client in return. The requirement to see to it that the client fulfils these obligations has complicated the public welfare professional’s task of helping citizens in need.


Language English
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Lizet van Donkersgoed

Lizet Donkersgoed | Lecturer-researcher | Innovative Social Services

Lizet van Donkersgoed

  • Teacher-researcher
  • Research group: Innovative Social Services